Walk up and take it to go or call an order ahead so it's ready for you!

We are open

Mon-Fri 7am-2pm
Sat-Sun 9am-2pm

Serving Organic Fair Trade Coffees 

Located in a commercial area in a historic Hyde Park home...it is a walk up to go shop and has all the goodness offering our signature coffees, smoothies, & fresh baked scones, paleo conscience and gluten free goodies, along with local organic fresh eggs and sandwiches. Breakfast and lunch served from open to close! Sit and enjoy your cup of gold or take it to go...we welcome visitors to partake on our front porch and relax. Ample free parking and Free Wi-Fi makes keeping up on business great!

Hyde Park

318 S. Edison Ave.

Tampa FL  33606


Hyde Park Menu

$2 (doppio add .75)


epresso with a dollop of foamed moo~

$2.75 (8oz) $3 (12oz) $3.75 (16oz doppio)

espresso with all foamed moo- Wet: a milkier foam. Dry: a light stiff foam~

$2.75 (8oz) $3 (12oz) $3.75 (16oz doppio)

espresso with steamed moo, topped with foam~

$4 (8oz) $4.5 (12oz) $5 (16oz doppio)

espresso with steamed half & half~

$2.75 (12/16oz)

a doppio espresso with hot water... the freshest brewed cup of coffee~

No Moo Brew
$4 (8oz) $4.5 (12oz) $5 (16oz doppio)

espresso with steamed soy, almond or coconut milk~

Cafe con Leche
$4 (8oz) $4.5(12oz) $5(16oz)

Cuban style- doppio espresso Cuban style~


White Chocolate Mocha
$4.5 (12oz) $5 (16oz)

espresso with creamy white chocolate, steamed moo, & fresh whipped cream~

Cafe Mocha
$4.5 (12oz) $5(16oz)

espresso with rich Ghirardelli chocolate, steamed moo, & fresh whipped cream~

$4.5 (12oz) $5 (16oz)

espresso, Ghirardelli caramel, steamed moo, & fresh whipped cream~

Jet City Cafe Borgia
$4.5 (12oz) $5 (16oz)

Our original signature drink!!! Espresso, a touch of honey & orange blossom, steamed moo, fresh whipped cream, and topped with orange zest and nutmeg!

Moche de Menthe
$4.5 (12oz) $5(16oz)

espresso, Ghirardelli chocolate sauce, creme de menthe, steamed moo, fresh whipped cream, drizzled with creme de menthe~

Milky Way
$4.5 (12oz) $5 (16oz)

espresso , Ghirardelli chocolate & Caramel sauce, steamed moo, & fresh whipped cream~

Almond Joy
$4.5 (12oz) $5 (16oz)

espresso, Ghirardelli chocolate, almond & coconut syrup, steamed moo, & fresh whipped cream~

Other Specialties

Hot Chocolate/ Hot White Chocolate
$3 (8oz) $4.5 (12oz) $5(16oz)

Steamers or Caldo
$4.5(12oz) $5(16oz)

Same as a specialty but with no espresso!

Oregon Chai tea
$4.50 (12oz) $5(16oz)

black tea, vanilla, honey,cinnamon, cardamom, & nutmeg~

Thai Coffee
$6.00 (16oz)

a delicious blend of espresso (doppio) and sweet milk, iced~

Mighty Leaf Teas
$3.00 hot or iced (add honey $1)

highest quality whole leaf tea, hand-stitched biodegradable silken pouch.

Market Spice Tea
$3.00 hot or iced

A Seattle favorite! Black tea with orange, cinnamon, & spices...let it steep! It's naturally sweet

SAKU Superfood lattes
$4.5 - $6

A super delicious and healthy caffeine free beverage! Iced or hot! Any milk substitute is perfect mixed with these.... Glolden Orange~ Turmeric, orange peel, coconut and spices** Ruby Ginger~ Beetroot, ginger, Ashwagandha, coconut & cinnamon** Vanilla Maple Jade~ Matcha, maple, coconut & vanilla** Maca Cocoa Jade~. Matcha, cacao & maca**


X-tra shot of espresso $.75. Flavored Syrups $.35 per pump. X-tra honey $1 X-tra chocolate, caramel, white chocolate sauce, or whipped cream $1-2 per pump. Sub (all Organic) Soy, Almond, Oat or coconut milk $.90-$1 All drinks can be made iced or decaf!!


Ned Head
$5.50 ( Loaded-hemp seed add $1.00)

100% CRUSHED FRUIT with no added sugar: Peach, Pear, Apricot, Orange, Spinach~

Four Berry Blend
$5.50 ( Loaded- add hemp seed $1.00)

100 % CRUSHED FRUIT with no added sugar: Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Orange juice, Spinach~


Our Scones are made fresh and vary in delicious flavors. We also offer scones that are gluten free, and paleo. Come see what we have to offer today!!!

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