Located in Beautiful Tampa Florida, we have been offering the most authentic Cafe experience possible since the early 1990's.  Proud to be an Organic and Fair Trade coffee shop!  Ask about our coffee and compare us to ALL other coffee shops in Tampa!
Also google our Jet City Espresso Pensione for the link to our airbnb 

Jet City Espresso is a unique Seattle style coffee shop located in the heart of Hydepark in Tampa.  The first three Jet City Espresso shops were introduced to Tampa in the mid 90's (pre-Starbucks) and started the trend for Seattle coffee and delicious baked goods such as scones. 

We offer Gluten Free and Paleo along with alternative milks such as Almond, soy, & coconut to consider those with allergy's and food sensitivities. We use compostable paper products and make great efforts to diminish our footprint in waste.  We proudly use ORGANIC AND FAIR TRADE Coffees from Amavida Coffee Roasters (voted 2018 Roaster of the Year) from Destin FL and OZO from Boulder CO.  Our dark roast is Seattle's Best Coffee.  Created by Jet City, Our drinks are unique and our specialty signature drink is the one and only, cafe Borgia~ a honey/orange infused latte!  We use organic milk and creams and make our own whipped cream (so go ahead, indulge!).  We offer brunch, omelets, sandwiches everyday/all day! 

The Hyde Park Jet City is located in a commercial area in a historic Hyde Park home and Bed and Breakfast (google Jet City Espresso Pensione for the link to our airbnb)...it is a walk up to go shop and has all the goodness offering our signature coffees, smoothies, & fresh baked scones, paleo conscience and gluten free goodies.  Sit and enjoy your cup of gold or take it to go...we welcome visitors to partake on our front porch and relax.  Free Wi-Fi  makes keeping up on business great!  Thank you for the great reviews you wonderful customers have posted about our cafes and see you soon!  Sincerely, your Jet City Crew~